About Us

Orient Ekspres Ltd. is an International Trading & Brokerage Company, providing first class Agricultural Products to its customers.

As a "Trade-Broker" company we arrange transactions between buyers and sellers on basis of a commission when the deal is executed. Further more, as "Trade-Broker" we act sometimes as a seller or as a buyer and become a principal party of the deal.

"Trade-Brokerage" is a profession acknowledged by ICC Paris (International Chamber of Commerce) which prescribes regulations & rules of international trade. All parties on buyers and sellers side asking for commission are represented by a "Trade-Broker".

The payment of the commission is guaranteed by ICC "Irrevocable Commission Payment Agreements NCND & IMFPA".

Among other, we mainly deal with product categories such as :

* Agricultural Products
* Scrap Metal

We use our expertise and experince in worldwide trading & logistics & sourcing & distribution & agency services to connect our customers to global markets while providing them with products and services that continually fulfill their expectations.

Our business involves transactions with International clients dealing mainly with the Asian, Middle East , Near East, CIS and European Markets.

We pride ourselves on building beneficial relationships that enhance our ability to abide by our commitment.

Our pledge is to bring you quality products at competitive prices without compromising on the level of customer service.

* Excellent Service

    * Prompt Payment

        * Competitive Pricesing

            * Quality Product


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