About Us

Orient Ekspres Ltd. was founded originally late 1800’s by Es-seyyid Medeni Kamil Efendi. Then early 1900’s, his brother in law, Dr. Jur. Hilmi Yüksel takes over the management. The company was more active in local trade until his son, Dr. Jur. Şemsettin Yüksel took the company over and started the first transports to middle east. Since then the company has continually evolved to meet the changing customer need and flourishing universal business oppurtunities.

The third generation steered a steady expansion course and continiously increasing the firms operation radius and range of services.

In 1982, the company was re-organised and established new businesses.That being said, expansion and technical development were at the centre of the business strategy right from the start. The first expansion of the business occured just 3 years after its foundation.

A strategy of alliances and partnerships not only allowed the company to hold its own competition with important forwarders but also to grow nationally and internationally.

Today, Orient Ekspres Ltd. is creating individuel transport solutions for each of its customers.

Whenever you need a "houte couture" logistic provider, you'll come across Orient Ekspres Ltd.

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